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@ re:re: annoying voice (Burlington)

RE: Annoying voice in Ford dealership radio ads

Re: annoying voice

Annoying voice in Ford dealership radio ads

Vtrans (vermont)

vtrans basher

Re New Trend Of "Part Time Hours"

re;taxes,do your homework (vt) pic

Taxes do your homework (vt)

re;top 100 list{op} (vt)

re:Delinquent taxes (Vt)

Top 100 (Hit parade)

Delinquent taxes (Vt)


R&R Question on tax delinquint business (S. Burlington)

62 Safest place is behind an AOT plow 62 (Vermont)

New trend (vermont)

44 New Trend Of "Part Time Hours" 44 (Burlington)

Snow storm (vt)

re: Vtrans

V Trans loser poster (vt)

Re: Vtrans WHERE ????

52 vt trans where 52 (in the snow)

45 re:poulin auto 45 (barre)

Re: Poulin's (South Burlington)

J Learning or yearning (colchester)

52 winter driving babies figured out 52 (in the snow)

Brady's balls (burlington)

We See Vt trans (vt) pic

We'll see now won't we? (VTrans) pic

The U.S. government and 9/11 terror attacks (asu) pic

re: I hate that dog.

Poulin auto sales of Burlington (so Burlington)



School Budgets (Vermont)

Re: Vtrans New Logo

dependent vt

62 Path finder attractions scam idiot 62

100 million dollars (Virtucon)

RAVE!!!! Best Coffee Shop Around!! (Rawsonville)

Re: NFL balls

999 NFL balls 999 (NFL)

Re: NFL has underinflated balls

Patroits balls

100 NFL has underinflated balls 100 (NFL)

100 milion? (Vt)

VERMONT already has a state dog...

RE: Re: Lookin' Good (LOL)

Re: Lookin' Good (LOL)

IF you look good (IN VT)

Sanding colchester roads (Colchester develeopements)

99 State Dog 99 (Vt)

60 State dog? 60 (Vt) pic

Obama Care

Whatever happened to the Mr Troll guy?


31 re STOP Cheating 31 (vt)

Learn to drive

STOP Cheating (vermont)

Vt Trans are not the only (vt)

To the black whatever car who looked at me like a fool (I-89 Williston)


Shame On You VTrans Basher (Vermont)

Re: RE:welfare, drugs and guns - 52 (Everywhere)

52 RE:welfare, drugs and guns 52 (Everywhere)

Cheap Oil Here To Stay.......Yay ! ($25 a barrel soon ??)

199 Obama and Kerry take a tough stand against Alqaeda and ISIS 199 (Paris)

RE: RE: Welfare

welfare,,,,, (allover) pic

Re: Re: Welfare

re: Re: Welfare

Re: welfare drug testing (murica)


@ More Die on Vt. Roads in Chittenden County (Chittenden County Vt.)

55 Welfare 55

BE VERY AFRAID! -- Supreme Court Green Lights Detention of Americans (asu) pic

go against legalization aka the gov. (vermont)

Vermont: A State of Thievery (VT) pic

i've seen you around (fitzdale)

Vermont: A State of Thievery (VT) pic

Re: Vermont

Vermont: A State of Thievery (VT) pic

RE: You Are Definetly A Red Neck If You... (Vermont)

Police in the US Kill Citizens at Over 70 Times the Rate of other..... (asu) pic

good online gaming site for all u gamers out there

Re: Woman Choker's Rights

24 re VT state law human rights 24 (burlington) pic

100 Vt Health Connect/BlueCross Blue bullshit 100 (Vt)

re: I hate the dog

110 Libtards at their best (We are Doomed) pic

24 craigslist 24

68 Politically Ignorant People of VT 68

The Elite's Agenda Is Quickly Morphing into Genocide (asu) pic

57 Re: Robert Service 57 (Burlington)

56 I hate that fucking dog!! 56 (some where in VT)

Robert Service (Sam McGee)

RE: Granitville Red Neck Thieves (Granitville) pic

52 westford robberies 52 (westford)

Allow student to board or not (VT)

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